Class Act ten years on: John McGlashan College

Where are they now?

2011: With an award-winning flock of coloured merino sheep, Will Gibson was making a name for himself in breeding and judging circles. He planned to study commerce and agriculture and to own his own farm.

2021: Gibson lives on the family farm in Middlemarch, having spent time in Christchurch and Cromwell since leaving school. A full-time livestock breeding consultant for neXtgen Agri, he helps clients in  Australia and New Zealand with genetic selection and
breeding direction. He is also involved with the family business, Foulden Hill Genetics, which encompasses sheep and beef cattle breeding programmes. He won the emerging talent award at Beef + Lamb NZ’s Sheep Industry Awards in 2016, champion and
reserve champion Meat and Wool Cup (cattle) at the Canterbury A&P Show the following year, and was international merino judge at the Canberra Royal Show in 2017 and 2020.

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