Class Act ten years on: Otago Girls' High School

Where are they now?

2011: A high achiever in maths and physics, Lisa Craw won a highly sought-after seat at the International Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. She hoped to study physics and mathematics at Cambridge University.
2021: Craw is working on a PhD at the University of Tasmania, studying Antarctic ice flow. ‘‘After starting university, I gave up physics for geology but now my PhD incorporates many elements of physics, so in the end I circled back,’’ she says. She has taken part in four field campaigns in the Antarctic, and one in the Arctic.


2011: Part of the New Zealand under-21 women’s touch rugby team, Dayna Turnbull  played in the New Zealand under-18 women’s basketball side. She hoped to represent New Zealand in both touch and basketball.
2021: Turnbull has been in the New Zealand Touch Blacks women’s team for the past seven years, and has served as captain since 2018. She coached the New Zealand under-20 women’s side from 2017 until 2020 and has enjoyed coaching both Otago and school teams. She played college basketball in the United States after leaving school and won a national title with the Otago Gold Rush in 2018. She has also played for the South Pacific Magic women’s basketball team for the past eight years. She is director of sport at Columba College..

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