'I am well' - Merkel plays down third shake

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was ‘‘working through’’ a bout of shaking that first occurred in mid-June and struck for the third time yesterday, insisting she was fine.
Earlier, Merkel shook back and forth as she watched a military ceremony marking the arrival of visiting Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, who stood by her side.

After a previous shaking episode, when she met visiting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on June 18, Merkel said she felt better after drinking some water.

‘‘I am fine,’’ Merkel (64) said yesterday. ‘‘I have recently said that I am working through what happened during the military honours with President Zelenskiy.

‘‘This process is clearly not finished yet but there is progress and I must live with this for a while but I am very well and you don’t need to worry about me.

‘‘I believe that just as it happened one day, so it will disappear. Otherwise I am convinced that I am quite capable [of doing my job].’’

The chancellor has no history of serious health issues. Her office has given no explanation for the shaking episodes. 

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