Graffiti removal campaign

ASEZ conducted a Graffiti Removal Campaign as part of the 'Mother’s Street' environmental cleanup campaign for  the Crime Prevention Project 'Reduce Crime Together' at the Leith Walk in Clyde Street, Dunedin.

In the 1980s in New York City, crime was regularly committed around dirty streets and subways. The city then carried out the removal of graffiti on the subway focusing on the "broken window theory" that crime was encouraged in the vicinity of dirty areas. The crime rate dropped by 75% when the police cracked down on criminal offences such as signal violations, graffiti and rubbish dumping. This shows that environmental improvement and cleanliness are effective in crime prevention.
In following this view, ASEZ, a university student volunteer group of the World Mission Society of Church of God  (Rev.  Joo-chul Kim, General Pastor), is implementing the Global Crime Prevention Project 'Reduce Crime Together'. On June 23, 2019 Dunedin members held a Graffiti Removal Campaign as part of the Mother's Street project.
Despite the fact that many members did not attend because of the Otago University holiday, 12 members of ASEZ participated in the Graffiti Removal Campaign. They cleared streets and removed graffiti on the wall of the bridge, along side of the Leith river adjacent to the Commerce building . An ASEZ official said, "We planned a Graffiti Removal Campaign in the hope that all of our families would be happy in the safer environment. We will continue to  beautify around the community through continuous activities. "
There were garbage items dumped in this area where the purification campaign unfolded. In addition, for the convenience of movement and accessibility, the graffiti on the wall of the bridge was removed with special chemicals and elbow grease of scrubbing brushes. So, the volunteers stripped off the graffiti to create clean and pleasant paths. Some picked up garbage such as plastic wrapping papers, glass bottles, and cans.

Thanks to God for the opportunity to make Dunedin more beautiful and thereby reduce crime.

 Scott Evangelou

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