Horton hatches the championship

M. W. Horton, member and champion of Otago Golf Club. — Otago Witness, 10.1.1922
M. W. Horton, member and champion of Otago Golf Club. — Otago Witness, 10.1.1922
The Otago Golf Club’s New Year tournament concluded yesterday.

The weather was again perfect, and really good golf was played, the semi-finals and final of the Otago Amateur Championship providing splendid displays, while the cards in the two bogey competitions were exceptionally high, the four-ball being won with 11 up and the other with 8 up.

The last-named a fine performance by R. T. Tosswill, of Christchurch. In the four-ball J. H. Drake, one of the winning pair, went out in 53, his card in itself showing 6 up at the ninth green.

Otago amateur championship final: M. W. Horton beat M. Macbeth, 3 up and 1 to play. In his match with Tosswill in the semifinal Horton duffed his tee shot at the first hole, but made a good recovery, and halved in five.

Tosswill won the second hole with a good four, but the third and fourth went to Horton, leaving him one up.

He also won the fifth in four, two up. At the sixth Tosswill was laid a dead stymie, and the hole was halved.

The seventh went to Horton, and the eighth and ninth were halved, leaving Horton two up.

The tenth was halved in four, and Tipperary went to Horton in five, making him three up.

The eleventh and twelfth were halved, and Horton won Roy’s in four. The fifteenth hole was halved, giving Horton a win on the match, 4 and 3.


Botanic Gardens attraction

During the New Year holidays the Botanic Gardens were a centre of great attraction, not only to visitors to the city but to local residents as well.

Owing to their admirably sheltered situation they constitute a pleasant resort for spending an hour or two in contemplation of the beauties of Nature, and not a few visitors were heard to express the opinion that the Dunedin gardens would bear comparison with any in New Zealand.

The rose walks and the various rose beds are still a blaze of beautiful colour, and the sweet williams make a fine showing of more subdued tints, the whole being tastefully set off with a picturesque fringe of pansies and violas.

In the winter gardens the notable collection of plants of a more exotic nature called forth the highest admiration, and here again there is a veritable feast of colour for the eye.

The walks about the gardens are all in excellent order and the fine stretches of green, well-kept lawn add to the restfulness of the whole scene.

It would appear that the people of  Dunedin are realising more than ever the beauty of the gardens, which undoubtedly form one of the chief scenic assets of the city.


Church post for Star journalist

The Rev H. O. Hanby, vicar of Leeston, has been offered the positions of organising secretary of the Church of England Diocesan Education Board and editor of the Church News, and has decided to accept the appointments.

Mr Hanby, who has been vicar of Leeston for the past two years, is to take up his new duties by the end of January, or as soon thereafter as a successor can be found for him in the parish.

Mr Hanby was at one time on the reporting staff of the Evening Star and later on the Auckland Star.


— ODT, 4.1.1922.





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