No Anzac Square memorial

Miss D. Mowat, riding Kaikorai Elaine, winner of the lady riders’ hunting and leaping...
Miss D. Mowat, riding Kaikorai Elaine, winner of the lady riders’ hunting and leaping championship at the Otago A and P show. Otago Witness, 4.12.1923
Some time ago the Dunedin War Memorial Committee decided that Anzac square should be the site for the memorial, but it was not then aware that the square was railway property. While in Wellington the Mayor (Mr H. L. Tapley) saw the railway engineer with regard to the erection of the memorial, and was informed that the intended site was the Railway Department’s property. He was told that, although Anzac square was Government property, there was no objection to the memorial being erected there, but, as there was a likelihood of the railway station having to be extended from the vestibule outwards, the memorial would have to be removed if the extension proved necessary. The War Memorial Committee will now have to consider some other site, probably the original idea — the Queen’s Gardens — as it would involve unnecessary expense if the memorial had to be shifted once it was erected.

The wireless world

A meeting of the committee of the Otago Radio Association was held on Monday night, when 136 members were enrolled. These new members handed in their application forms at the meeting of wireless enthusiasts which was held on Tuesday, November 18. Many further applications for membership are expected. The Radio Association will hold a meeting next Monday night, when the activities of the association with respect to broadcasting will be decided upon. A number of local amateurs are under the impression that Mr F. J. O’Neill, 4YA, is compelled to broadcast in order to comply with his agreement with the De Forest Radio and Telegraph Co., which firm he represents in Otago and Southland. I was shown the agreement, and there is no clause to the effect that Mr O’Neill must broadcast. Therefore Mr O’Neill carries out broadcasting to suit his own pleasure, and is not compelled to do so as many people imagine. 

Mr Forrest (Palmerston North) has telegraphed asking 4YA to broadcast a concert on December 1 for a church benefit which will be held in the Opera House in that town. 4YA broadcasted a concert on Saturday last to entertain the inmates of the Benevolent Institution, Caversham, which was much appreciated by the old people.

Mr F. D. Bell, Shag Valley, is at present adding further to his apparatus with a view to carrying out tests and attempting to "pick up" Australia and America. Mr M'George, Mornington, has commenced broadcasting, and deserves credit for the excellence of his modulation. Referring to 4YA’s concert on Saturday night last, Mr W. K. Lane, Motueka, telegraphed: "Music splendid. No fading."

Hatches, matches and despatches

The births, deaths, and marriages for November, 1925, were respectively 129, 72, and 69. For November of 1922 the figures were: 151 births, 73 deaths, and 49 marriages. A comparison shows that there is a decrease in the births of 22, a decrease in the deaths of one, and an increase in the marriages of 20. — ODT, 2.12.1923