St Kilda needs more readers

A view over St Kilda towards St Clair from the hill at Andersons Bay. — Otago Witness, 26.2.1924
A view over St Kilda towards St Clair from the hill at Andersons Bay. — Otago Witness, 26.2.1924
The ninth annual report of the St Kilda Public Library states that the number of subscribers is now 106. During the past year 178 books were added to the shelves, and the total number of volumes available for subscribers’ use was 1732.
During the year 6925 books were issued.  The committee again draws the attention of the public to the fact that practically all the income is used for the purchase of new books, which means that every additional member increases the chance of obtaining a new book at short intervals.The committee thanks the Borough Council for its annual donation and also for the free use of the hall and lighting. While the progress of the library is constant and steady, the committee feels that the membership should be much 
larger than it is, for the fact is beyond dispute that St Kilda residents have an up-to-date library in their midst, with a most reasonable subscription fee.
Taieri landmark gone
The well-known homestead "Hopehill," Allanton, at one time the property of one of the early Allan families, and latterly the home of Mr G. Carlson, was destroyed by fire at 5 o’clock last night.
Fine, strapping young lads
Whatever any Jack-in-office may say, it remains that in school and out of school the dominie must "strictly meditate the thankless Muse," if education boasts a Muse; anyhow "thankless" is the word. Old boys at a Jubilee fifty years on will thank him; not so the boys under his immediate hand. And if he should lift his hand unadvisably in chastisement, woe betide! In the schools of England it is permitted you to thrash the son of a duke, and the duke will compliment you; thrash the son of a labour unionist and you may get a lawyer’s letter. A straight eye is essential. In this country if the castigator leaves a mark where no mark should be, he may be baled before the nearest beak to be cast in damages and costs. — by ‘Civis’
SH1, SH87 and Taieri Mouth Rd?
The Taieri County chairman reported having attended the Main Highways Board meeting, and had asked that roads Caversham to Taieri Ferry and Mosgiel Junction to Middlemarch be declared main highways. Cr McIntosh referred to the Taieri Mouth road. This and similar roads used by outsiders were going to be a big drain on the council’s funds. They were used by motor cars, and unless they were main highways, it would be difficult to get assistance from the motor tax. On last Sunday no fewer than 800 cars from outside had used the Taieri Mouth road.
Roads get top marks
Mr Patterson, of the United States, who came out to New Zealand a few months ago as an expert on asphalt paving, is at present on a short visit to Dunedin. "I have had a look over the streets and the asphalt plant in Dunedin and there is no doubt that their method is right and is producing good results. The work at which I looked yesterday was good, and was done in a business-like manner. "The roads generally in New Zealand have ideal foundations. There is an abundance of metal in the river beds, and there is no reason why the hot mix should not be adopted at small cost to the ratepayer. This mix had been demonstrated in the United States as being the only method that will withstand modern traffic conditions.’’ — ODT, 23.2.1924