Aerodrome concerns still

Tim Cadogan
Tim Cadogan
Concerns from some Cromwell Community Board members about expansion of the Cromwell Aerodrome continue, but no formal requests have been made for a report to consider the future of the facility - for now.

Members at the community board meeting discussed whether the Central Otago District Council's airport reference group should be asked for a report about plans for the Cromwell Aerodrome and other council airports, but no formal request was made or resolution passed, and the concerns have again been noted.

The aerodrome hit the headlines in August after some community board members became upset about the council's waste and property infrastructure committee approving the construction of up to 28 new hangars at the airport, without informing the board.

Board member Robin Dicey launched a public campaign against the move.

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan responded that legally, the council had done nothing wrong. The council is the delegated authority for the aerodrome; all aerodrome activity, including hangars and flights, can occur there as of right; and no public consultation was required.

In addition, no mass expansion was planned at the aerodrome. The mass approval was done to save multiple individual applications being made and hangars would be built gradually. Any new hangar leases also have a cancellation clause in case the location of the aerodrome changes.

Community board members yesterday received an update report from council property officer Tara Bates about the aerodrome, but some still had concerns about development there, including about increasing aircraft noise for nearby residents.


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