Aurora planning power outages

Spring network maintenance on the electricity network will result in short power outages for Omakau district residents later this month, an Aurora Energy spokesman says.

The maintenance is to clear vegetation from power lines, carry out maintenance on the local substation and replace 17 poles.

It will be be done during September 18-22 and affect 825 households in Omakau, Poolburn, Lauder, Becks and St Bathans.

While the work was being done, electricity would be provided to householders by several large generators, the spokesman said.

There would be a short power outage of about 30 minutes each day about 8.30am, and another outage of about 30 minutes any time between 4.30pm and 5.30pm each day, to switch back to network supply.

The spokesman advised people to remember power could be restored at any time during the course of planned maintenance work, so people should treat all electrical equipment and power lines as live at all times. During power outages, appliances should also be switched off at the wall to avoid possible damage to them when power was restored.

A power pole that was on a lean near Queensberry was replaced earlier this month without any interruption to the power supply, an Aurora spokesman said.

The leaning pole was identified during a helicopter survey on September 6 of six poles between Queensberry and Luggate scheduled to be replaced on September 27.

The line identified as leaning was ``isolated and de-energised'' and replaced by line crews on September 6. Neither the pole nor the overhead lines fell to the ground.

The remaining five poles would be replaced as planned on September 27, the spokesman said.


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