Car sellers warned

People trying to sell their vehicles on street sides in Cromwell have officially been warned the activity violates the Central Otago District Council's Trading in Public Places bylaw.

Council planning and environment manager Louise van der Voort said the number of vehicles advertised for sale and parked on Cromwell roadsides, particularly near the pool on Barry Ave, had ''generated some complaints'' in recent weeks.

She said notices informing people of the bylaw had been placed on the vehicles and it had then become apparent that ''not everybody was aware of our bylaw''.

In one day, council officers had placed 11 notices on cars in Cromwell.

''They were all removed quite quickly, all that day.''

The bylaw states: ''No person shall in any public place engage in, trade or expose for sale any goods or services of any description without having first obtained a licence from the council.''

When notices are left on the vehicles, the registration numbers and vehicle details are recorded and if they are found to be still advertised for sale in that or another place, under the bylaw, the council can take enforcement action.

Ms van der Voort said that could involve taking people to court, although that had not happened before.

She said it was a district-wide bylaw and, in the past, there had been similar problems with vehicles parked on Centennial Ave in Alexandra.

• Cromwell residents were also reminded of the council's dog control policy after the council received several complaints about dogs in the town's mall and in Old Cromwell. Dogs are prohibited in both those areas.

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