Half of riverside walking track widened and gravelled

Alexandra Clyde and Districts Business Group secretary (back) and committee member Phil Tosswill...
Alexandra Clyde and Districts Business Group secretary (back) and committee member Phil Tosswill admire the work completed on the Alexandra river walk, showing the difference in the new walkway and the old. Photo: Tom Kitchin
After countless hours and plenty of manpower, the Alexandra River Walk track has been upgraded.

The track is west of the Central Otago District Council chambers and the local boat ramp, on the bank of the Clutha River.

The Otago Daily Times published a story in December about fallen trees making the track impassable.

Earlier this year, the Alexandra Clyde and Districts Business Group, which manages the track on behalf of Land Information New Zealand and the district council, began upgrading the narrow dark gravel track to a new light gravel track, to make it more attractive and easier to walk on.

Business group committee member Phil Tosswill, who led the project, said about half of the 2.6km track was coated with new gravel and the rest would be completed next year, when more funding was available.

Trees had also been cut back and cleared from the track.

The work cost about $6000 and received a $4040 grant from the district council.

Mr Tosswill said the group and volunteers carried out maintenance every year but this year a ‘‘substantial’’ amount of work was done to keep the track walkable.

Mr Tosswill said people sentenced to community work helped with some maintenance.

Department of Corrections Queenstown and Alexandra service manager Faavae Kuresa confirmed eight people completed community work on the track in April-June and could start again in spring.

Mr Tosswill, who gained consent for creating the track six years ago, said he wanted it to succeed.

"We just want to encourage people to stay in the town ... people will see Alexandra in a different light with cycle adventures and a fitness mecca."

Council parks team leader Ian Mann said anyone with concerns about the track should contact the council’s customer service desk and the requests would be assigned to him.


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