Plan review timing begins

A timeline for reviewing the Central Otago District Council's district plan is being prepared by council planning staff and leaders.

But no estimate is yet available on how long the review might take, other than a statement it is likely to take "a number of years".

The council's district plan was prepared during the 1990s, became operative in 2008 and was required to be reviewed every 10 years.

Work on the 2018 review started in 2013, but the review was delayed because of impending national legislative changes, most significantly the National Planning Standards (NPS), which would provide a template for district plans and must be complied with by 2024.

If the council had proceeded, significant amendments to the document would be required, and provisions relating to biodiversity may also have to be reviewed, council planning and environment executive manager Louise van der Voort said last year.

The NPS were finally released earlier this year and councillors had now agreed on a work programme and confirmed funding to "progress" the district plan review, Ms van der Voort said.

Previous public engagement for the district plan review was still valid, but council staff would review the feedback and submissions to see if further consultation was needed.

Ms van der Voort said it was "a significant project and likely to take a number of years".

In the meantime, council would initiate some plan changes to the district plan to accommodate growth, such as those resulting from the Cromwell masterplan.

A master plan would also be done for the Alexandra-Clyde district.

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