Cold water poured on change

Deane Davison (71), trying the Friendly Bay water with her grandchildren, Eden (10), left,...
Deane Davison (71), trying the Friendly Bay water with her grandchildren, Eden (10), left, Lincoln (8), and Mia Davison (13), are planning a protest midwinter swim this morning after learning the 2018 annual midwinter swim is being held indoors at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre instead of the usual place, Friendly Bay (pictured). Photo: Hamish MacLean
Hosting the annual Oamaru midwinter swim in a heated indoor swimming pool is "flipping crazy", a local swimming stalwart says.

Deane Davison  said she would not be attending the  Oamaru Midwinter Swim at the Waitaki Aquatic Centre tomorrow  morning.

Instead, she would be taking her five Oamaru grandchildren, aged 7 to 13, out for a "proper midwinter swim" at Friendly Bay in Oamaru Harbour today.  

Mrs Davison  has braved the winter sea  at or near the winter solstice for the last 25 years.

"I just think [the indoor swim] is  bloody ridiculous and that’s putting it mildly," she said.

The one-time president of the town’s swimming club, who has taught "hundreds" of local children to swim, once organised the mid-winter swim when she was involved with the Squadron 26 (Oamaru) Air Training Corps.

This week, Squadron 26 commander Derek Beveridge called the indoor midwinter swim "a bit wussy".

A small contingent of air cadets took to the chilly  water of Oamaru Harbour at 5pm on Thursday instead of joining the public event at the pool.

"I was a bit surprised when I found out they were having a midwinter swim in the swimming pool," Mr Beveridge said.

The sponsor of the indoor swim, More FM,  did not return calls for comment.


How the hell can an Airforce Squadron Commander say that? as the saying goes, the Army stay in the field, Navy spend time at sea and Airforce spend time in 5 star hotels whilst deployed .lol I guess OHS has taken over, It is what it is,