Novel excuse for near-naked ride

A man's near-naked bike ride on an Oamaru street yesterday attracted the attention of members of the public and, eventually, police.

The bizarre situation unfolded about 7.45am, when police received a report a man was seen riding a bicycle on State Highway 1 near Waitaki Ave, with his modesty apparently protected only by the blanket he was wrapped in.

Police stopped the 52-year-old a short time later and discovered he was partially clothed, in the form of a pair of boxer shorts.

Sergeant Tony Woodbridge, of Oamaru, said the man had a novel excuse for his early morning north Oamaru jaunt in wet, cold conditions.

"When he was located by police, he explained he had his clothes in a plastic bag because he didn't want to get them wet.

"I was not aware it was national nude day."

The man was not from the Oamaru area.

"He was advised of the error of his ways and that people were a bit concerned by him," Sgt Woodbridge said.

Once fully clothed, he was allowed to go about his business.

Sgt Woodbridge said it was the most unusual incident he had come across since July 2011, when officers stopped a heavily modified vehicle and discovered tarpaulins forming a pool filled with warm water between the back and front seats, in which the passengers were sitting.


Oh my goodness.. so the police say that riding a bike only wearing shorts is "error of his way?" was he not wearing a helmet? or have the police now become "THE FASHION POLICE"? It's all they are good for imho.. why does he need an "excuse?" If it was me I would be making a formal complaint