School reopens library, plans for after-school hours

Willow Logavatu (left), 5, and Aaliyah Nehoff, 11, read a book together in the reopened Ardgowan...
Willow Logavatu (left), 5, and Aaliyah Nehoff, 11, read a book together in the reopened Ardgowan School library. PHOTO: WYATT RYDER
Ardgowan School pupils will once again be able to enjoy a good book in the library as it reopens for the first time in eight years.

The school is holding the library’s official reopening today, where parents and pupils will get their first look into the rejuvenated facility.

The library, situated inside the old school building, was closed in 2016.

Assistant principal Sarah Hattingh said in 2016 there was a large spike in the school roll, which reached about 180 pupils at its peak.

"Every space was used as a classroom."

The books were shifted out of the building and into the equipment shed.

But when the pupil numbers evened out, the books could not return, as it cost money to set up a library with furniture and a catalogue system.

The building sat empty for about two years.

Now it was up and running again, the plan was to extend the hours to after school as well, she said.

Some parents had already volunteered to help run the facility after hours.

There was also a new selection of books, including a large haul from the Rotary Bookarama, she said.

The hallway has also been converted into a video studio with a set of green screens, funded by Network Waitaki.

Pupils can learn how to edit videos and use it for school projects.

"Kids need to keep up with technology," Ms Hattingh said.

Pupil Aaliyah Nehoff was excited for the library to reopen, as it meant she had a chance at being a librarian.

"I really love reading books and seeing other people read books."