Springing into that first career

Waitaki Girls’ High School year 13 pupils (left) Jordan Ingram and Aroha Wooldridge (right) chat...
Waitaki Girls’ High School year 13 pupils (left) Jordan Ingram and Aroha Wooldridge (right) chat about the upcoming Careers Expo with school careers adviser Viv Hay, who has been in the role for 28 years. PHOTO: JULES CHIN
Jumping into the future will be made easier at the annual Waitaki Girls’ High School Careers Expo this year with the presence of business AJ Hackett Bungy and the introduction of a new forum.

School careers adviser Viv Hay said the inclusion of the Kawarau Gorge bungy-jump business was new to the expo.

Its representatives will be bringing a horizontal bungee rope along, to add a playful element to the expo.

The expo will be held at the Waitaki Girls’ High School Hall on Friday, August 16.

Mrs Hay said this year the Waitaki District Council was also keen to "get on board" the expo.

She said past expos had been very successful.

‘On the day it’s just buzzing, the kids’ interaction between the people that are there, telling the pupils about their careers . . . and how they work, it’s all so positive.

"It opens their eyes. A lot of the kids have tunnel vision and they don’t realise what’s out there, so we do have the likes of the polytechs and the universities here as well."

All four high schools in the Waitaki District are invited to participate. From 9am to 1pm, pupils from different year levels will get an opportunity to attend in specific timeslots.

Mrs Hay, a teacher and head of learning and pathways, along with the school’s transition gateway co-ordinator, Pam Ambler, are still building the expo and hoping to attract more local businesses.

There are 35 different providers booked for the expo, but there is still time for more to be added. In previous years they have had up to 50.

She said the importance of local businesses being involved at the expo could open up new pathways for both employers and pupils.

"The cost of education and further education is huge, that’s why we also have that focus on the local businesses.

"A student being able to get an apprenticeship is huge.

"If there is someone out there that would like to be part of it, they just need to contact us at the school, " Mrs Hay said.

Between 1pm and 2pm the school would open the expo up to the public for the first time, to expand the community outreach, she said.

"That means anyone from the public who is interested in exploring different careers, especially with the job market the way it is at the moment, can come along, just to get ideas, talk to training organisations, and have access to the polytechs and universities, those kind of things," she said.

"That would allow, say, a kid whose seen something they’re really engaging with, maybe, meeting their parents and going through and talking to the people about it as well. So they have those connections," Mrs Hay said.