Call to fill Chinese miner roles

People of Chinese descent are wanted by organisers of the Chinese Village Theatre, to be staged as part of the Arrowtown 150 celebrations this Labour Weekend.

Arrowtown 150 co-ordinator Julie Hughes said actors were required to play the parts of some of the Chinese miners, reading from a script in a "three-minute loop".

"People have to learn three minutes of dialogue, telling the story of people who may have lived in that particular hut. For example, Ah Lum, who was the store owner. It's telling his story, but it's telling it from his life, from his perspective, so when people come in it's going to look like a working Chinese village."

Mrs Hughes said she had worked closely with Chinese Village Theatre director Tiffany Menzies, writer Kate Blackhurst, the Lakes District Museum and the Department of Conservation to ensure the Chinese Village, on the banks of the Arrow River "comes to life so people can see it in a whole new light".

"The Chinese side of the gold mining was a very important part of the history of Arrowtown. It's really important we tell their story."

The organisers required eight actors for the Chinese Village Theatre, and at least six of those needed to be people of Chinese descent.

However, the organisers also required others of Chinese descent to take part in the re-enactment of the discovery of gold, which would be held on October 20, Mrs Hughes said.

"The idea is anyone who wants to take part can. They will not even have to be actors; they can just simply walk in ... and be part of a group of Chinese miners that arrive on the scene."

Anyone of Chinese descent interested in acting in the Chinese Village Theatre or taking part in the re-enactment are asked to email or call/text 022 613-2522 before Saturday.


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