Couple praised for drink-drive intervention

Police are praising a Cromwell couple for taking over the wheel of a drink-driver's vehicle and driving him from Arrowtown to Queenstown yesterday.

A 42-year-old Queenstown man has been charged with drink-driving after allegedly recording a breath-alcohol level of more than 1000mcg at 10.15am. The man elected to take a blood sample, which is being processed.

Acting Sergeant Phil Hamlin, of Queenstown, said the man was "extremely intoxicated" and the couple could have prevented a crash by taking action.

The Cromwell couple were heading towards Queenstown when a ute pulled out from the Arrow Junction dangerously and "slotted in front of them", before swerving and pulling over to the side of the road to let traffic past, he said.

The couple initially thought it was an elderly driver in trouble and decided to stop and check, Acting Sgt Hamlin said.

"The ute was swinging all over the road and pulled over to the left and they thought 'Well, this isn't normal'."

Upon opening the vehicle's door, the Cromwell man noticed a heavy smell of alcohol and asked the driver if he could take over and drive him to his destination in Queenstown, Acting Sgt Hamlin said.

His wife followed the pair to Queenstown and called the police on her way to notify them.

The driver was processed in the Ballarat St car park in Queenstown and was instantly suspended from driving for 28 days.

Acting Sgt Hamlin said while the couple's actions were not usual procedure, they were commendable.

He encouraged the public to call police if they knew of drink-drivers on the road.

"It is hard to break that trend of people not liking to dob others in."

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