Invitation extended to 'Cosy Winter Talks'

Glenorchy is inviting Wakatipu residents and visitors to a new series of free "Cosy Winter Talks" by four international experts in their fields, beginning next month.

The work by a team of leading river scientists in "hyper-scale modelling", the Rees River is presented by project leader Dr James Brasington, in the Glenorchy Cafe, on Wednesday, April 7.

Dr Brasington, of Aberystwyth University, in Wales, will explain his nine-strong team's remote sensing, hydrometry and sedimentology techniques and their findings so far.

The ReesScan Project aims to develop improved models of the processes linking channel change in braided rivers to the flood flows, which drive their dynamics.

The project is funded by the United Kingdom's Natural Environmental Research Council.

Glenorchy resident Dr Leslie van Gelder will reveal the "Mystery in Caves", in the cafe, on Tuesday, May 4.

The archaeologist, writer and educator will give a talk on new research on finger flutings from two French Palaeolithic caves and what they tell modern scholars about the people who left their personal marks on the ancient caves.

Labours to conserve the historic Antarctic bases of polar explorers Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott will be discussed by Al Fastier, programme manager of the Antarctic Heritage Trust, in the meeting room of the Glenorchy Hall, on Tuesday, June 1.

The Glenorchy man will tell all about leading the international restoration and preservation efforts, the intriguing wildlife, the dramatic scenery and camping in sub-zero temperatures.

Trish Fraser will detail the challenges of controlling tobacco in lower and middle income countries, including China, which is home to a third of the world's smokers, and compare the situation with New Zealand.

The Glenorchy-based international tobacco-control and public health consultant will also talk about the movement by health and academic groups and non-governmental tobacco-control groups to ban the sale of tobacco products in New Zealand in the next 10 years.

Homemade soup and bread can be purchased for $15 on the nights in the cafe from 6.45pm, and the talks will begin at 7.30pm at both venues.

Tickets are available from the cafe.


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