Pain the price of too much celebration

Otago Daily Times Queenstown bureau chief Tracey Roxburgh documents her progress in the 12-week Revive programme at Alpine Health and Fitness.


Dear Diary ...


Saturday, December 1

This morning I hated myself.

Had little man with hammer banging away in brain for several hours.

Clearly he was lurking in wine glass last night but was too distracted at wedding to notice him.

Tried very best to behave myself at wedding after-party today - stuck to water, despite boyfriend trying very hard to convince me to swap it for alcohol.

His theory was given had consumed alcohol last night, there was no harm in doing it again.

Managed to resist peer pressure ... had more trouble resisting little crackers and dip though.

And also wedding cake - recall a story about bad luck raining down if you do not consume wedding cake I may have had a small piece.

Or two.

The feeling of guilt I did not have last night was there in abundance today.


Sunday, December 2

Guilt is intensifying!

Can no longer handle it - has been two whole days since last exercise.

Also, genuinely did not feel good.

Energy levels non-existent and it took three hours to psych myself up to trudge up Tobin's.

After Tobin's had a nana nap which lasted almost two hours.

Clearly the banned substances I ingested on Friday and Saturday have been making their presence known.

I wish them to leave now.


Monday, December 3

Today was not good.

Had about four hours' sleep - was so worried about sleeping in, could not actually go to sleep.

Finally managed to visit land of nod around 3am ... and woke at 7.45am.

Was supposed to be at gym at 6am, so first word out of mouth was bad one.

Also remembered this is class challenge week, round two, actually a good thing, because am hoping by Wednesday will have righted all the wrongs from weekend.

It started tonight with RPM - have never been so grateful to sit on that tiny seat and feel muscles screaming at me ... was symbolic of attempting to sticky-tape halo back together.


Tuesday, December 4

Last week Les Mills issued new releases - that's gym bunny speak for new songs and new exercises. Have concluded they are hard.

The kind of hard that makes eyes roll back in head, a guttural groan come flying from mouth and sweat beads form on chin, nose and eyelashes.

Figured the only way through was to make mind go somewhere else.

Mine went to Richie Heap's Christmas Calorie Counter and, based on behaviour at wedding, rough calculations based on hazy recollections indicate have not yet burned off what I consumed on Friday.

That was simultaneously depressing and motivating.


Wednesday, December 5

Was very nervous before gym visit this morning - was sure Haylee was going to yell at me for a) my woopsie on Monday and b) behaviour on Friday.

Not only did she not yell at me, after scrutinising food diary for Friday and ''hangover'' Saturday, she told me it was really not so bad at all.

Then she let me have tiny cupcake to celebrate Alpine Health & Fitness' success in the New Zealand Fitness Industry Awards. This lifted spirits immensely.

At beginning of circuit training Haylee put me on RPM bike ... noticed immediately nether region was not at all happy while seated on bike.

After discussion Haylee came to only logical conclusion: have lost cushioning around ''sitting bones'', probably only area I wish had retained cushioning, because bike seats were not comfy to begin with ... now they are unbearable.


Thursday, December 6

Have almost spent as much time at gym this week as I have at work. That is not normal behaviour.

Am knackered and have much pain due to Combat class last night - who knew punching thin air could leave a person so sore?Had to adopt leaning stance while waiting to go to yet another RPM class, because was unable to remain upright unassisted.

On upside, unsolicited comment at the gym today informing me I looked like different person (despite feeling like bridge troll) perked me up no end, particularly because have been uncertain if body shape has changed lately.

To test this delved into a drawer containing clothes have been too terrified to even attempt to put on ...all of them fit!

Then, located lovely Claire Bloom dress purchased some time ago, which I wore as top due to its tight-fitting nature around nether region.

Am delighted to tell you this is no longer problem, Diary, and am now able to fashion it in the manner intended!


Friday, December 7

Seven-and-a-half days and Revive will be officially over ... it makes me a bit sad.

Next Saturday I shall stand on the scales ... and next Sunday I shall eat pizza (that makes me happy!).

These two things were focus during particularly nasty RPM class this morning ... at the end of class had to apologise to lovely Andi Rapley because unintentionally gave her death stare the whole time.

Stretching at end of RPM was nothing short of agony, Diary.

But while I was trying to make limbs co-operate to get dressed after physical exertion, a new theme song entered brain ... Europe's The Final Countdown ... the title being the only words of the song I know.

As sore and tired as I am, Diary, that finish line is in sight and, by crikey, I'm looking forward to crossing it!

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