Plethora of suggestions on lake shore

There are no plans for new buildings on this part of Roys Bay, Lake Wanaka, near the CBD, but...
There are no plans for new buildings on this part of Roys Bay, Lake Wanaka, near the CBD, but debate is growing over a building proposal further around the bay. Photo supplied.
The Lake Wanaka foreshore should be smoke-free, have more native plants and animals, a boardwalk, a band rotunda, more freedom camping areas and more, or some say less, commercial development.

All these suggestions and more are contained in the 377 submissions by the public on the Queenstown Lakes District Council's draft management plan for Lake Wanaka's foreshore.

While a proposed water sports facility on the edge of the lake dominated the submissions [ODT June 14], there are several other contentious issues - not least the quality of the plan itself.

Don Robertson considered it ''poorly prepared'', confusing and neither clear nor concise enough. Graham Dickson's two submissions criticised the plan for dealing mainly with development.

''There should be policies for the swimming and picnicking activity at Eely Point ...''

He concluded by saying the plan was ''so deficient'' it ''cannot be the basis of a meaningful consultation process''.

John Coe considered the plan so bad it should be scrapped and a new one written.

''This draft plan is of such poor quality ... I am surprised that council has allowed it to see the light of day.''

Alan Cutler and Jo Haines, on the other hand, described the plan as a ''valuable resource and a ''substantial improvement'' on previous ones.

The plan covers 14 lake shore reserves stretching for 24km around Lake Wanaka from Glendhu Bay to the outlet of the lake into the Clutha River.

Trish Fraser, of Glenorchy, submitted the reserves should be smoke-free and the Southern Primary Health Organisation, funded by the Southern District Health Board, took a similar line, suggesting a management policy that ''encourages'' people to ''refrain''.

One of the few buildings on the lake shore reserve, the ''log cabin'' near the CBD, had a fairly even number of submitters calling for both its removal and for its retention.

Lorraine Knowles described the building as a ''great focal point'' for visitors.

''I would even like to see a cafe operate out of there.''

And Joanna Barclay, of Wanaka, noted the boat charter operators leasing the building had given ''willingly and freely'' of their time and expertise during rescue operations on the lake.

Jane Kuzma, of Wanaka, took the view buildings should be ''absolutely prohibited'' from the lake shore.

''The reserve is what makes Wanaka unique. It is why we live here.''

Gaye Robertson, of Lake Hawea, also submitted lake shore reserves should have no buildings.

''The current buildings are an eyesore and do not fit in with the environment.''

The plan's lack of enthusiasm for freedom camping drew submissions from visitors, including Valda and Ron Cross, of Alexandra.

''A lot of travellers in self-contained motor homes neither want nor need a camping ground''.

Several submissions called for some form of development of the lake shore between the CBD and the boat marina - some suggesting a board walk, a ''sea wall'' and reclamation.

Infinity Investments, which is proposing a large apartment complex opposite that part of the lakeshore, provided a set of drawings of its suggested ''lake shore enhancement''.

Development manager Iain Weir described the area as ''untidy, difficult to access and underutilised''.

Forest and Bird and others said in submissions the council had to take a stronger leadership role in protecting and restoring indigenous vegetation, and controlling weeds and pests in the reserves.

And while making a submission in detail on various sections of the plan, Queenstown deputy mayor Lyal Cocks suggested a change ''to enable the construction of a band rotunda'' on Wanaka Station Park.

Mr Cocks said this had been proposed previously to provide shelter for weddings and other purposes but ''due to lack of resources and priority within council, the project stalled''.

The submissions are due to be heard by a panel of three next month.

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