Police encourage careful road behaviour for season

Queenstown Police reported a relatively trouble-free weekend, but are urging people to drink responsibly, look after their friends and stay alert on the roads.

Acting Sergeant Dave Felstead said three people were arrested at the weekend and charged with fighting, in two separate incidents. A fourth person arrested was charged with disorderly behaviour.

• Two 25-year-old Frenchmen were arrested at 10.30pm on Friday at Lassiters Wharf. Alcohol was ''definitely'' a factor. Sgt Felstead said the men were both part of a bar crawl, but further details were unclear.

• A 35-year-old Brazilian man was arrested and charged with fighting in Industrial Lane, at 11.50pm on Friday. However, the incident may have been historical and only reported at that time, Sgt Felstead said.

• A 22-year-old New Zealand man was arrested and charged with disorderly behaviour at Searle Lane after being refused entry to a bar. All the men were expected to appear in the Queenstown District Court next year.

• Sgt Felstead said police also processed two alleged drink-drivers, the first a 49-year-old Australian man stopped by police at 9.05pm on Saturday at Lucas Pl, who had elected a blood test.

Results were pending for a 20-year-old New Zealand man stopped at 8.45am yesterday on Frankton Rd.

''I'm personally pretty happy [with behaviour] so far.

''Town's probably busier than an average night, but the disorder side of things we're pretty happy with ... there is always the odd one going to cause us trouble.

''We'd just encourage people to drink responsibly and look after their mates.''

Sgt Felstead also urged people to take care on the roads, saying traffic behaviour would be important for the next couple of weeks, because of the large influx of visitors.

''Given today [and how busy the roads are] I'm surprised how little we've had.

''We've had four or five calls to ... cars that are either crossing the centre line, driving dangerously on the roads leading in, or overtaking on blind corners.''

He said motorists were encouraged to call police using the *555 number at any time if they had concerns about other drivers on the road, including those who were tailgating.

''If they're tailgating, pull over and let them go past.

''If you want to follow it up by reporting it, obtain their registration number. It can be reported at any stage.''



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