Resort unruffled

Destination Queenstown says it is not concerned the resort has slipped one place to become New Zealanders' fourth most desirable spot to visit for a holiday in the next six months.

The news came in the latest ''AA Mood of the New Zealand Traveller'' survey, released this week by the Tourism Industry Association. The 1016 Kiwis surveyed ranked Wellington top, the same result as

in the May survey. The capital was followed by Auckland, also second in May; Christchurch, up from fourth; Queenstown, down from third in May; and Nelson, up from sixth in May.

However, Queenstown was the No 1 destination for New Zealand travellers in June this year, according to a survey of 17,000 New Zealanders by Travelbug.

Destination Queenstown chief executive Graham Budd said it was not surprising the major centres were identified as holiday hotspots and most people visiting the cities would stay with friends and relatives.

Asked how Destination Queenstown members were feeling about the tourism business this summer, Mr Budd said there was ''a very positive outlook for the next couple of months - probably the most positive I've seen in a couple of years''.

New Air New Zealand and Jetstar services helped, he said.

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