'It's snowing baby!': Jason Momoa spends his birthday in Queenstown

Jason Momoa is celebrating his birthday in what just might be his favourite place on earth - New Zealand.

The Fast X star turned 44 yesterday and shared a video to Instagram to mark the occasion, filming himself taking a dip in a hot tub overlooking a snowy landscape that could only belong to Aotearoa’s own winter wonderland, Queenstown.

"Happy birthday to me," the star said in the clip.

"What the hell is going on ... look at that, August 1. Never in my life, 44 years, did I ever get in a hot tub.

"It’s snowing baby!"

It’s not clear whether Momoa meant he’d simply never been in a hot tub - baffling if true - or if he meant he’d never been in a hot tub on his birthday.

Either way, the star appeared to be enjoying his birthday, as he left his followers with a "cheers everybody, love ya".

Countless fans wished him a happy birthday in the comments, as well as several of his Hollywood peers, including New Zealand’s own Taika Waititi, who wrote, "Happy Birthday my bro!" alongside three heart emojis.

But the post left several of his American followers - seemingly unaware of the existence of the Southern Hemisphere - scratching their heads.

"Why is no one asking where the hell is it snowing [on] August 1?" one commented, and others chimed in with "Where is it snowing right now in August?" and "Where in the world are you? Andes?"

After spending several months in New Zealand filming his new TV show Chief of War, Momoa said goodbye to New Zealand in June - but you’d be forgiven for thinking he never left.

Momoa was welcomed to the country last September with a fitting pōwhiri. He went on to walk the Fast X red carpet and hang out with several All Blacks, and was snapped relaxing in Herne Bay with league legend Ruben Wiki and drinking kava.

And a very flirty exchange between the star and ZM’s Hayley Sproull saw the radio host nearly offer her hand in marriage and captured a sneaky picture of the two where she is seen sitting on his lap.

The actor also spoke to the Herald and shared details of his time in the country - including recent trips he had been taking around the North Island, his hopes of getting down to Queenstown and even his favourite Kiwi delicacy before he went on to appear at the Fast X red carpet event at Sylvia Park.

Walking the carpet at the major event, which saw thousands of fans pack into the shopping centre, he was joined by other Kiwi legends, including Waititi and Tana Umaga.

It’s not clear how long Momoa will be in the country for this time around.