Pastoral prank appeals

Photo by Lucy Ibbotson.
Photo by Lucy Ibbotson.

A Mount Aspiring College quadrangle was transformed into a farmyard yesterday as part of a prank by year 13 pupils.

The MAC Farm, featuring several penned sheep and a roaming pig wearing a dress, was the latest in a long tradition of pranks pulled by pupils on the last day of their final year at the Wanaka college.

Among the senior pupils posing as farmers while tending their flock were (from left) Casey Hemingway (17), Jack Gilchrist (18), Fin Woods (18) and Ashley Robb (18), along with kunekune pig Gloria and pet sheep Thor.

"Ours was much better [than previous years' pranks]," Casey said.

Despite the pupils being "explicitly" warned against any hijinks, the farmyard scene, which was installed under the cover of darkness, had gone down well with pupils and staff, he added.

The college's year 13 pupils will be among the more than 143,000 candidates who will start sitting NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship examinations on November 9.


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