Two men rescued after trying to save dog

Two people who became stranded on a bank of the Kawarau River after jumping in after a dog have been rescued.

At 4pm today emergency services were called to Rafters Rd, off the Gibbston Highway, after two men in their 20s fell into the river.

They were not rafting, as was earlier reported by police.

Queenstown harbourmaster Marty Black said the men were with a group of about five people having a picnic on the river bank.

While throwing sticks to the dog the animal fell in the river and the two man jumped in after it.

"They were swept away down stream."

The men made it to a bank 1km south of Rafters Rd, but were stuck there as the bank was too steep to climb.

The other members of their party informed emergency services.

About an hour later the men were rescued by private rafters.

Mr Black said he believed the dog made it to shore unharmed but urged others to take care around the water. 

"It just shows you, you jump in the river and you think it will be fine, but the river's quite high at the moment. These guys are pretty lucky really."

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