Father fights to keep killer behind bars

Bevan Smith
Bevan Smith
Being unable to defend his daughter in her last hours compels Owaka man Bevan Smith to keep fighting for his daughter's murderer to remain in jail.

Mr Smith hopes to hear by Friday that he has again been successful in postponing murderer Paul David Bailey's next parole hearing for another three years.

He and his wife, Dawn, sought this at a hearing in Christchurch on Monday.

Bailey (45) has spent the last 18 years in prison for the 1991 rape and murder of 15-year-old Kylie Smith, crimes he committed while on bail for the attempted rape of a girl in Ettrick.

Bailey has been eligible for parole since 2001, and his last parole hearing postponement was in 2007.

Mr Smith told the board this week he believed Bailey had made "no attempt whatsoever while he has been in the system to improve himself,"and that he had turned down opportunities to participate in rehabilitation programmes and signed a waiver to say he would not be appearing before the board.

"He's been there almost 20 years. I think he is in a comfort zone and resigned to the fact he is going to stay there."

Mr Smith said he felt very anxious in the weeks before each Parole Board hearing.

He had been expecting to hear the board's decision today, but Parole Board administrative manager Alistair Spierling said yesterday the registered victims of Bailey might not hear a decision before Friday.

"Paul Bailey has not been seen yet, and is not due for a hearing until Thursday," he said.

"The earliest we could tell the victims is Friday."

Mr Smith said thoughts of Kylie's murder were with him all the time, and he got through each day by "just carrying on doing what you do".

"My worst part of it was Kylie's last hour or two - I dwell on that quite a bit. That, and not being able to defend her."

Mr Smith talked about supporting Kylie in her equestrian, sporting and academic pursuits.

"When she really needed us, we weren't there. That's one thing I find very hard. I think of that a lot."

Kylie was riding her horse after school on November 1, 1991, when she was stopped by Bailey, who was driving around Owaka with a loaded .22 calibre semi-automatic rifle in his car.

She was forced in to his car and driven to Painted Rock, where he raped and fatally shot her.


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