Home detention after marijuana, firearms found

Jay Webber (43) had three different cannabis grows on his Kaitangata property. PHOTO: ROB KIDD
Jay Webber (43) had three different cannabis grows on his Kaitangata property. PHOTO: ROB KIDD
A Kaitangata man will spend the next 10 months at the home where he was found with firearms, 137 rounds of ammunition and $15,000 of cannabis.

Jay Quintin Webber (43) appeared in the Dunedin District Court this week after pleading guilty to unlawful possession of firearms, ammunition and cultivating the class-C drug.

Webber was home on the morning of October 25 when police came knocking.

He admitted the presence of the weapons and cannabis in the house and showed officers around.

Behind a chair in the kitchen Webber had a semi-automatic .308 rifle, in his bedroom was a .22 rifle along with assorted parts to other firearms.

In a number of containers in the kitchen and lounge were 137 rounds of "assorted ammunition" - shotgun shells, .22 and .308 rounds and other live ammunition of varied calibre.

Also in Webber's bedroom - at the foot of the bed - were 18 cannabis seedlings in plastic pots with lighting equipment wired up above them. There was much more outside.

"A comprehensive indoor cannabis growing operation had been established by the defendant, which included the shed being lined with insulating material, and ventilation and lighting system being installed," police said.

In there were three immature plants but the bulk of the haul was found in a glass house next door. In it were 126 plants ranging in size from 12cm to 25cm.

Webber said the crop was for personal use.

He conceded he should not have firearms without a licence but claimed to be a "keen hunter".

Defence counsel Meg Scally said her client had a different focus now.

His daughter and granddaughter were now living at the South Otago home.

"He wants to put matters behind him and embark on a new phase in life," Ms Scally said.

Judge Michael Turner made an order for forfeiture of the firearms and ammunitions and sentenced Webber to 10 months' home detention.