No parole for killer, victim's father says

Bevan Smith
Bevan Smith
Paul David Bailey, who murdered Owaka teenager Kylie Smith 18 years ago, has again been denied parole, according to the victim's father, Bevan Smith.

Mr Smith did not have all the details of the New Zealand Parole Board's decision yesterday, but said he believed parole had been declined and there would be a hearing in August with regards to a further parole hearing postponement.

Parole board communications manager Rachel Riley could not confirm that Bailey's parole had been declined when contacted yesterday.

She said the decision had not been approved yet, and the registered victims of Bailey needed to receive written confirmation of the board's decision before it could be released to the media.

She was expecting to be able to release the decision by the middle of next week.

Mr Smith and his wife, Dawn, have campaigned for the past 18 years to keep Bailey (45) in jail after he raped and shot their 15-year-old daughter in 1991.

Mr Smith said he would be disappointed if the next postponement period was less than three years, but it could be for two years.

Bailey has been eligible for parole since 2001, and his last parole hearing postponement was in 2007.



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