Sewerage extensions on track

Jules Witt
Jules Witt
The Benhar and Tokoiti sewerage extensions are nearly complete, and interest in the proposed scheme at Pounawea is growing.

Clutha District Council district assets manager Jules Witt said commissioning of individual properties at Benhar was under way, with about 10 connected and working and more being added each day.

The pumps at the communal pumping station and the rising main from the communal pumping station to Cherry Lane were tested successfully and three pumping stations were pending installations. All electrical and plumbing connections to the remaining domestic stations were completed.

Contractors were preparing to test pumping stations and the remaining rising mains.

In Tokoiti, the 28 original properties involved in the scheme were connected and operating by late December and sewerage extensions on MacAndrew, Lisburn, and Cargill Sts were completed.

Six properties are still to be connected, and one pumping station has yet to be installed, pending an archaeologist's approval.

Late last year, the council also approved a proposal to pump sewage from the Pounawea Camping Ground to Owaka to solve a long-standing discharge problem. About $310,000 is budgeted for the construction of a new pumping station and pipeline to Owaka, and the council offered Pounawea residents the chance to join the extension.

Voluntary connection to the scheme is estimated to cost almost $15,000 a property.

Under the proposal, the system would initially be available to properties alongside the direct pipeline route and extensions would only go ahead if there was sufficient interest to warrant a pipe extension.

Council water services manager Mohammad Rahman said the council had received 26 responses from residents about the scheme, with 11 stating their interest in connecting now. A further 11 were interested in buying a connection, and the remaining four were not interested.

Work on the Noble St pumping station was about 50% complete, and pumps were scheduled to be installed in two weeks. The rising main from the pumping station to Owaka was expected to be completed by the end of March.


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