They call South Otago home

The largest cohort of new citizens was welcomed to the Clutha district in a ceremony this week.

Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan said he was "absolutely thrilled" by the size of the new group, and welcomed everyone to their new home.

"After seeing a generation of people leaving the district, to see them coming back in these numbers is wonderful."

He put the influx of new people down to the rise in jobs in the area.

Those new New Zealand citizens are (back row, from left) Liuuaina Tatupu (Samoa, obscured), Antonio Taavili (Samoa), Peniamina Leaana Seaoga (Samoa), Mikaele Tanuvasa (Samoa), Charles Chen Chieng (Malaysia), Reydintor Cortez Domacia (Philippines), James Steven Patrick Sloane (South Africa), Wendy Elizabeth Flett (Britain), Laumua Ieru (Samoa) and Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan; (front row, from left) Belinda Auvele (Samoa), Helen Mauai Auvele Taavili (Samoa), Maria Bernadette Tanuvasa (Samoa), Sannar Mikaele Taunvasa (Samoa), Caleb Mikaele Tanuvasa (Samoa), Mathafasue Mikaele Tanuvasa (Samoa), Rita Langkay Reeves (Philippines), Esetateresitila Mikaele Tanuvasa (Samoa), Lye Kuan Alexander (Malaysia).

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