Analysing ownership of vehicles

Great South is trying to better understand why Southland residents have one of the lowest rates of vehicle ownership in the country.

Strategic Projects general manager Steve Canny said the Southland EV ownership rate sat at just 0.75 vehicles per 1000 people.

"Many other New Zealand regions have much higher rates of ownership.

"For example, Auckland 6.9 per 1000, Wellington 6 per 1000, Canterbury 5.75 per 1000 and Otago 4.14 per 1000."

Only Gisborne and the West Coast had lower rates than Southland.

A survey conducted by the regional development agency has received more than 350 responses.

The survey is aimed at owners of farm vehicles, fleet vehicles, courier vans and cars and is being conducted by regional development agency Great South.

The survey aims to get a better understanding of why Southland has such low rates of electric vehicle buy-in.

Mr Canny said it was important as Great South undertook work to map out a pathway towards net zero emissions by 2050 or earlier for the region.

"We need to know why people are not making the choice to take up electric vehicles.

"We can assume it’s cost, but it might simply be the fact they don’t know where they can get an electric vehicle serviced."

Understanding the reasons meant challenges could be better assessed.

The agency was keen to get an unbiased response so it could achieve a survey accuracy that painted a reliable picture of potential challenges and opportunities.

Mr Canny said while it was early days, there had been a great response so far.

"We're aiming for a survey with 96% — plus or minus 5% — confidence level. And this will easily be achieved.

"More than 350 businesses and individuals have already completed the survey."

He said Great South, along with EECA, PowerNet, ChargeNet, and others had undertaken foundation work to set up charging stations in local towns and on major touring routes.

The survey will end on June 16. You can find the survey here

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