NZ's oldest person dies in Invercargill aged 110

Maudie Wilson
Maudie Wilson
The ''no-fuss'' southerner believed to be the country's oldest person, 110-year-old Maudie Wilson, died on Thursday.

She died at Vickery Court Home and Hospital, in Invercargill, five months short of her 111th birthday.

Mrs Wilson was reluctant to be the centre of attention and insisted there be no fuss on her milestone birthdays, because she was ''just an ordinary person''. She was fiercely independent and lived in her Clyde home until 2 years ago.

Mrs Wilson (nee McRobie) was born in Invercargill on March 23, 1903 and met her future husband, Bill, at Sunday School when they were about 10. The couple owned a shop at Riverton and moved to Clyde more than 70 years ago. Mr Wilson died in 1992.

There are 40 descendants of the couple. They had three children and there are now nine grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren. Mrs Wilson's funeral will be at St Mungo's Presbyterian Church at Clyde on Wednesday.

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