Check on steering, jet-boat owners told

Jet-boaters are being advised to carry out safety checks on their steering systems.

Maritime New Zealand yesterday revealed a fatal jet-boat crash on the Clutha River in February during the 2019 Otago Rivers Jet Boat Race was caused by a steering fault.

The Christchurch driver, Cameron Moore (46), died when his boat left the river and skidded about 20m up a bank just below Wanaka Airport.

Deputy director compliance systems delivery Pelin Fantham urged boat owners to make the check ''as soon as possible''.

''If it uses D-shackles and locking wire, check that the shackles are individually wire-locked.

''Check the condition of the shackles.

''If there are nicks or tooling damage, consider replacing them.''

New Zealand Jet Boat River Racing Association president John Derry said his association had done its own investigation into the crash and had already highlighted the steering issue.

''So, from our point of view there are no great surprises there.

''We're well aware of it and already acting on it.''

Although the crash was in a high-speed race situation, where the risks were higher, Mr Derry believed owners of pleasure boats should be equally vigilant.

''I've got a few pleasure boats myself that, if I'm honest, don't get checked all that often, so it's kind of a reminder to everyone to check.''

Mr Derry said Mr Moore's family was well aware of the investigations into the cause, ''so there are no surprises for them''.

The spokesman for Mr Moore's family was out of the country yesterday, and not immediately available for comment.

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