Hotel celebrates 150 years

Photo: Kerrie Waterworth
Photo: Kerrie Waterworth
A weekend of celebrations was held at Luggate Hotel to mark 150 years since it first opened its doors.

Co-owners Rod Bowler and Jana Burgess  bought the pub a year ago and have added a cafe and a general store.

They plan to open an old-fashioned fish and chip shop and accommodation in the future.

Mr Bowler said it was originally a stage coach stop and he has heard stories it was haunted but so far neither he nor Ms Burgess had  felt a ghostly shoulder tap. 

Both  said the weekend was a way to thank the local community for their support.

Setting out a sandwich board detailing celebrations are Mr Bowler and  Ms Burgess, watched by Yolly Mercado, and Dane (13) and David (11) Morisawa.

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