Submissions open on application to increase visitor numbers

Submissions are open on a resource consent application for a central Wanaka property to increase its number of visitor accommodation nights.

The application said Dungarvon Street Apartments, which contains four units, each with attached residential flats, have already been operating as visitor accommodation since being established in 2015, for more than 90 days a year.

However, it said it did not have the proper consent to do so, despite being charged full visitor accommodation rates by the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

The property has consent for residential units rather than visitor accommodation.

Property owner Varina Proprietary Ltd, of which Duffy Krook is a director, is now seeking consent to allow for the apartments to accommodate visitor accommodation activities for up to 300 days a year.

The application stated there would be no increased adverse effects over and above what already existed.

''The proposal is to utilise [the units] for the purpose of accommodating visitors (people staying within the units for periods less than three months in duration), rather than full-time residents (people staying within the units for more than three months in duration) [and this] will not change the bulk and locality of the existing buildings,'' the application said.

''No adverse effects related to visual amenity of the street, neighbouring properties or views of the lake are anticipated in this regard.''

The apartments would also have a property manager to take care of any noise issues.

Submissions close on October 18.

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