Councillors agree to retain profitable city carparks

The deliberation was reached by an Invercargill City Council board on Wednesday. Photo: ODT files
Photo: ODT files
Invercargill city councillors have decided which properties will stay or go, including to retain the carpark at 11 Leven St.

In May, councillors requested under-utilised or non-strategic land parcels be presented to a committee for consideration.

During this week’s community infrastructure meeting, the fates of the six properties were decided.

Councillors unanimously agreed to retain council ownership of the carpark at 11 Leven St.

The building returns $116,000 annually and requires about $50,000 in yearly maintenance costs.

It has a capital value of $6.5 million.

Cr Darren Ludlow said he inquired about getting a parking space in the Leven St carpark, but was told there was a seven-month waiting list — though it might be worth looking at hiking its rates to increase revenue.

Councillors also decided against selling the 131 Esk carpark, which returned $78,000 a year.

Deputy mayor Tom Campbell said the building was a perfect location for in-town apartments, but it did not make sense to get rid of the building for its capital value of $790,000.

Councillors also decided to retain 116/30 Deveron St, which has a capital value of $ 270,000.

Cr Lesley Soper suggested 116 Esk St as a potential site for apartment buildings.

Committee chairman Ian Pottinger said development of apartment buildings would be done by private developers, rather than the council.

The remaining properties, 313 Bay Rd, 141 Bond St and 40a Glengarry Cres, would all be disposed of.