Lumsden heading for Gore to perform ‘joyous’ show

Fanny Lumsden will perform with her band Prawn Stars at the SBS St James Theatre in Gore later...
Fanny Lumsden will perform with her band Prawn Stars at the SBS St James Theatre in Gore later this month. Photo: supplied
After wowing Lumsden at a sellout show last year, Australian singer-songwriter Fanny Lumsden will bring her country music fare to Gore this year.

Thinking she could not possibly miss it out because of the town’s name, the eight-time Australian Golden Guitar Award winner played a concert at the Lumsden Town Hall as part of the 2023 Country Halls Tour last year.

She is joining the Country Halls Tour again this year, but swapping Lumsden for Gore, where she will play at the SBS St James Theatre.

Lumsden said she looked forward to coming back to New Zealand to perform.

"Can’t wait. We don’t mind the cold. I come from the Snowy Mountains [in Australia], not quite as snowy as your mountains, but we don’t mind it," she said.

She expected the concert to be a lot of fun.

"We’re gonna make the show as joyous as possible. It’s just a chance for people to come in and kind of forget about a lot of their worries."

She would perform a lot of songs from her latest album Hey Dawn, but would also perform older songs of hers, along with some covers.

"We really love bringing these songs to life."

One of her favourites to perform was Dig.

"It’s the song that we end on and it’s a big group dance. Everybody gets up and does it. It’s always so fun to see everybody getting up there and getting into it."

She described the music as being a mixture of country, folk, pop and rock music.

She and her band Prawn Stars were also interested in checking out some of the events at the Bayleys Tussock Country festival during their visit.

"Loved playing in Lumsden. Obviously. But very excited to be right in the heart of the Tussock Country festival this time.

"Maybe we’ll get to try a few cheese rolls this time."

They would arrive in Gore the day before their concert and hoped to arrive in time to watch the premiere of documentary Capital of Country Music: 50 Years of the Gore Country Music Club.

Lumsden’s Country Halls Tour performance is included in the Tussock Country festival schedule.

The concert is at 5.30pm on May 31.