Five generations and a 150th jubilee

The Dempster, Botting, Pow and Ferguson families will be attending the Edendale Primary School...
The Dempster, Botting, Pow and Ferguson families will be attending the Edendale Primary School 150th jubilee. PHOTO: BEN ANDREWS
Many generations can pass through a school in 150 years.

Four families have had five generations attend Edendale Primary School in that time.

The Dempster, Botting (now MacBeth), Pow (now Muir) and Ferguson families’ attendance spans those generations.

The primary school will hold its 150th jubilee at the beginning of next year.

Organising committee chairman Paul Duffy was involved in the school’s 125th jubilee in 2000 and said the time since then had gone quickly.

‘‘But I think 150 is quite a milestone and the school has been a central part of the community.’’

The school first opened in 1875, on the same site it occupies now.

At that time it was a one-room school that had been provided by the Otago Education Board. The newly-formed Southland Education Board was then given the school in 1878.

Planning for the jubilee started last year.

Anyone who had been involved with the school over the years could attend, Mr Duffy said.

This included people who attended schools such as Menzies Ferry School, Brydone School, Mataura Island School and Dacre Primary School, he said.

The milestone will be marked with a three-day event.

The jubilee will start on Friday, January 17.

Attendees will register and a formal welcome will be held at the Edendale Recreation Reserve.

The day after would be a ‘‘whānau day’’ held at the school.

Photographs will be taken, followed up by a meal at the Ascot Park Hotel, complete with speeches, music and dancing.

On the final day a thanksgiving service will be held, followed by the laying of a wreath at the Edendale War Memorial.

A registration-of-interest form is on the school’s website.

Full registration will be available from September 1.