Timmins' team on roll in NCAA comp

Sam Timmins boxes out his man as Washington plays Virginia Tech earlier this season. Photo: Getty...
Sam Timmins boxes out his man as Washington plays Virginia Tech earlier this season. Photo: Getty Images
Sam Timmins' Washington Huskies will aim for 10 in a row in a top of the table battle today.

The Otago big man's team has hit a run of form over the past month, having won nine consecutive matches in NCAA division one basketball.

That also leaves Washington unbeaten seven matches into conference play in the Pacific 12 conference.

Today, it puts that record on the line against second-placed University of Southern California (USC) at home in Seattle.

A loss would still leave Washington atop the standings - USC having lost two matches.

However, every win is crucial in its bid to make the national tournament, also known as March Madness.

To do that it has to either win its conference tournament or be chosen by a committee as one of the best of the rest.

It has four losses from non-conference play, which hurt its chances, although three were against highly ranked teams.

An encouraging sign for the team is its position on the cusp of the top 25 national rankings, which are voted on and change weekly.

Timmins' minutes have fluctuated, largely depending on opposition match-ups.

That leaves him tending to play more - often in spurts off the bench - when faced with a team with other big men.

At other times, the team has opted for a more dynamic line-up.

In his last outing he had two points, six rebounds and three blocks in a win over Oregon State. Over the season he has averaged 2.2 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1 block per game.

Meanwhile, in division two, Otago Gold Rush forward Zoe Richards is also in action today for Eckerd College against Saint Leo University.

Richards has led her team with 17 and 19 points in her last two games, doing so in just 19 minutes in each game.

That has helped boost her to 10.5 points per game for the season, while her team has a 12-6 record.

Other Otago products, Joe Cook-Green and Brittany Richards, both have their next games tomorrow.

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