Pair cop driving charges after complaints

Friends often brag with each other about who is the better driver.

But yesterday, Dunedin police confirmed a 50-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were as bad as each other when they were both slapped with dangerous driving charges.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said police received multiple complaints about 1.20pm from other drivers about a man driving his vehicle across the centre line and having near-misses with oncoming cars on the Northern Motorway (State Highway 1), between Waitati and Dunedin.

The vehicle was headed south, and along the way, it stopped at a house north of Dunedin to pick up a woman, who took over the driving.

‘‘There were complaints prior to the female being picked up, and that’s continued with the female driving.’’

Snr Sgt Bond said police found the vehicle in Hillside Rd, where the pair were arrested and charged with dangerous driving.

The woman was also charged with driving while disqualified, and the man was also charged in connection with an historic shoplifting matter.

No alcohol was involved in the incident, he said.