Duncan looking for major improvement in Spain

Things have not exactly gone to plan for Courtney Duncan this season.

But she gets another chance on the bike when round three of the WMX gets under way in Lugo, Spain, this weekend.

The four-time WMX champion is gunning for her fifth title but had a couple of hiccups to finish fifth in round one in Spain and ninth in round two in Italy.

"Definitely fell short of expectation there," Duncan said.

"That’s sport — good days and bad days.

"We’ve been working really hard these last few weeks with the team. Hopefully we’ve been able to figure a few things out and move forward."

Not one to make excuses, Duncan had a hectic build-up to the season.

She changed teams, joining F&H Racing in the off-season, but that was also teamed with three and a-half months off the bike due to a micro fracture in her knee.

The 28-year-old spent eight weeks on crutches, and at the time, she waved off her injury as another hiccup.

"It’s not like I haven’t dealt with any of these before.

"But I think looking at it, it definitely hindered me in terms of just losing that base, and getting that bike time, and it shows you how important preseason is.

"It just gets you off on the right foot and I think probably it’s been more significant due to the team change.

"I really needed that preseason with the new team . . . it’s been a big change for me and perhaps we underestimated that at the get-go."

She credited having the best team of physiotherapists, and support staff, in helping her bounce back and her knee had healed nicely.

But being off the bike for so long opened her eyes and gave her a chance to work on other areas which had possibly been weaknesses, she said.

Her new team at F&H Racing had been great and while it had been a big adjustment — "everything is polar opposite than what I’ve been on" — Duncan was enjoying the change.

"It’s taking some time just to learn the new environment, learn the people and learn the motorcycle.

"But my mechanic is awesome, probably one of the best guys I’ve ever met in the industry, so I’m really grateful for that.

"I have all I need in terms or resources, and stuff like that, to get the job done, so it’s on me."

Duncan, who is now based in Holland, has also been training hard on sand which has been her weakness through the years.

"There’s been a lot of tough days, on tough days, on tough days."

Hopefully that will all click into gear for her this weekend.

"It’s just another opportunity, right?

"It’s been, like I say, a tough couple of rounds, and I kind of want to go out there and just work on the things that went wrong and try and improve myself.

"Just focus on myself and hopefully get . . . two solid results and continue to build from there."