Racing: How the final may go...

Gary Hall shows his delight as Im Themightyquinn wins the 2011 Auckland Cup at Alexandra Park....
Gary Hall shows his delight as Im Themightyquinn wins the 2011 Auckland Cup at Alexandra Park. Photo by The New Zealand Herald.
The barrier draw for the Interdominion grand final at Menangle, near Sydney, has thrown up a few possibilities as 14 competitors chase the thick end of the $A750,000 ($NZ930,000) on offer at 5.40pm on Sunday. Matt Smith talked to Australian harness racing guru Adam Hamilton about where the main players might end up.

Adam Hamilton has seen a few Interdominion finals in his time, and he knows the importance of gate speed in a major race.

The 3000m mobile event gives most horses a chance to get into the race at some point - as does the large, spacious Menangle track - and Hamilton has been working through the possible permutations immediately after the starter lets them go on Sunday.

200m after the start
''Chariot King (barrier 4) has a lot of gate speed and will get to the lead, but I think Caribbean Blaster (2) will get across Mah Sish (1) and he'll be in front early just after the start, taking over the lead from Chariot King, leaving Mah Sish three-back on the markers. Mysta Magical Mach (8) will be sitting outside the leader after working early from the gate, and Lincoln Royal (9) will slot into the one-out, one-back spot. Terror To Love (7) will be back early, as will Im Themightyquinn (6). Jaccka Clive (3) has no gate speed and neither does Excel Stride (5), so they'll be forced to ease back off the draws. Mach Alert (12) may try and follow Caribbean Blaster through from his second-row draw, while Pub Blitz (11) will be four-back on the markers behind Mah Sish.''

1500m to go
''Caribbean Blaster's driver, Kate Gath, may hand up to Mysta Magical Mach just to add a bit of spice and give Caribbean Blaster a break. There's a good chance Terror To Love might have come around and take up the position right outside the leader. I don't see too many other moves at this point of the race and I'm Themightyquinn will still be sitting back, driven ice-cold by Gary Hall jun.''

Last 200m
''Terror To Love, who will still be sitting outside the leader, will start to pull away from Mysta Magical Mach, which means Caribbean Blaster may see some daylight. I'm Themightyquinn would have begun his run a couple of hundred metres earlier, and will be storming down the outside. Mah Sish will be trying to extricate himself from his spot down on the markers, and will be looking for racing room.''

At the finish line
''I see 'Quinny' getting over the top of Terror To Love, with Caribbean Blaster getting out late for third. Mah Sish will run fourth after getting out late, while Bitobliss (13) will get into fifth with one run at them.''


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