Russian rower postpones second leg of journey

Safety concerns in the notoriously dangerous Southern Ocean has prompted Fedor Konyukhov to postpone the second leg of his round-the-world rowing attempt.

The 68-year-old Russian adventurer finished the first leg of his trip from Dunedin to Cape Horn, Chile in 154 days last May.

The journey was the first of three legs in his 27,000km journey around the world in Akros.

He was due to begin the second leg from Cape Horn to Cape Leeuwin, in Western Australia, last month.

However, his son Oscar Konyukhov said the second leg had been postponed "for an uncertain period of time".

"Leg one was so difficult and life-threatening on a daily basis, so Fedor and the team are still in the process of assessing the risks of leg two.

"All previous attempts ended up in major rescue operations."


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