Getting to the Church on Time

Classic Jags
Classic Jags
Transport is something you will need to consider for your big day, whether you want to make a grand entrance, or simply move large groups of people easily.

There is a range of options when it comes to wedding transport; you just need to use your imagination and choose one that matches your theme – and your personality.

Perhaps you want to hire a classic Jaguar, complete with chauffeur, or maybe you both love Vespas. Either way, it’s your wedding day so why not indulge yourselves?

If you are using a company, check what the charges cover. Some work off a flat rate, while others can include extras, such as red carpets, snack hampers, and complimentary champagne.

Depending on the location and style of your wedding, you may also need to consider transportation for your guests – to the ceremony, between the ceremony and reception, or a safe transport-option home afterwards.

Limousines, hot rods, vintage classics, buses . . . there is a range of providers throughout the region to suit your needs. Shop around to find the one that suits you best.


• Shop around.
• Make, borrow, or hire.
• Any day but Saturday.
• Off-season wedding.
• Smaller numbers.
• Buy booze wholesale, make your own signature drink.
• Don’t arrange a lavish wedding that will put you in debt.
• Ask guests to contribute to a money wishing well.