Suit the Suit

As they say, the suit maketh the man. Bought, bartered, or borrowed, make sure it’s tailored to fit you perfectly. That means no over-long sleeves or baggy trouser hems.
Are you tall, slim, and long-legged? Are you short and stocky, an athletic build, or heavyset? A well-fitted suit will make you the apple of your bride’s eye.

To buy or to hire

• Hiring a suit can ensure you look great on your wedding day without blowing your budget.
• If you’re having a formal wedding and wearing a tuxedo or morning suit which you know you’ll never have use for again, definitely look at hiring.
• You may feel disappointed you don’t get to keep the suit you were married in.
• You’ll potentially have to pay extra for any damage to the suit.
• Depending on the style of suit, you’ll get plenty of future wear out of it.
• Having a suit custom-made for you will ensure it looks and feels perfect.
• You’ll have a stylish keepsake from your wedding day.
• Buying a suit can be expensive, especially if it’s custom-made.
• If you do decide to get a suit tailor-made, you may need to have several fittings.


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