On a plate

Canapes keep guests occupied and socialising while they wait for you to arrive.
Platters of meats, salads, and vegetables allow guests to help themselves, and encourages interaction.
A buffet is a great way to serve a lot of people on a budget, and guests are in control of food selection.
A formal meal brings structure to the reception, but the additional waitstaff will cost more.
Food trucks are increasingly popular - but consider how quickly guests can be served and where they will eat.
Also, consider whether any of your guests have special dietary requirements, and sample the dishes before committing.

Takes the cake
Choosing what type of cake you’d like on your wedding day has to be one of the most delicious decisions.
Three-tiers will generally serve 50-100 guests. A great way to save yourself a budget blow-out is to order one small, beautiful, decorated display cake, and enough sheet cake to feed the masses.