Stunning wedding stationery stories

From Dunedin Print design team.
From Dunedin Print design team.
Wedding stationery is not just about conveying information. Its design is also a wonderful way for the bridal couple to reflect their personalities. Local printers and designers are able to create and produce everything in stationery, from the elegant and beautiful to the quirky and amusing.

The wedding invitations are the first consideration and once the guest list is finalised it is time to work out how many are needed, bearing in mind that one invitation goes to each couple or family. For instance, if there are 100 invited guests the number of invitations required will be around the 50 mark.

Invitations should always be sent to members of the bridal party and their partners as well as those family members and friends who, because of distance or other circumstances, will probably not be able to attend.

Ideally, guests should receive their invitations no later than five weeks before the event. This allows them to make arrangements, particularly if they will be travelling some distance. Those coming from overseas should be notified much earlier, especially if they wish to take advantage of the special discounted fares some airlines offer.

It is worthwhile to note that many commercial printers close in late December for an extended summer holiday break, which may affect completion of the order.

Beautiful linen, textured pearlescent and metallic-finished papers in a variety of colours can help set the overall theme of the wedding.

Advances in computer technology have led to many couples designing and producing their own invitations, place cards and thankyou notes, rather than having them professionally printed. However, others continue to enjoy the professionally produced stationery.

Those having their stationery printed professionally should choose their designs and have their orders placed about three months before the wedding day. Allow about two or three weeks to have the order completed.

Always ensure the prices you are quoted include invitations, envelopes, acceptance cards and printing. For those planning to have specific table seating, place cards can be included in the order. Hymn sheets and toast lists can also be printed.

There are numerous typefaces and layout styles to choose from for the wording, and stationers provide a copy to proofread before printing to allow details and spelling to be checked and any necessary alterations made.

It's worthwhile knowing that printers and stationers have a minimum cut-off number. If as few as 20 to 30 invitations are required it is probably impractical and uneconomic to have them commercially printed.


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