Flying in style

Enjoy wedding-day transport with a difference with Highland Helicopters.
Enjoy wedding-day transport with a difference with Highland Helicopters.
Make an unforgettable entrance on your wedding day with Highland Helicopters. Highland Helicopters was established in 2016 by local couple Paul and Kirsty Williams, when they purchased a Bell Longranger helicopter to offer agricultural, commercial and air transport services.

The spacious helicopter can seat five passengers (6 maximum), including four in the back and one in the front with Paul. The seats are leather-crafted ‘‘plush’’ club, ensuring comfort while travelling, and each is fitted with a Bose noise-cancelling headset. Passengers can chat among themselves while wearing them. There are also convenient cup-holders, so a celebratory drink can be enjoyed, and there is a USB point to charge phones and cameras. Paul can take passengers on long or short trips, and land the aircraft in remote locations, allowing for unique photo opportunities and spectacular views.

‘‘A ride in a helicopter is not something you do every day, it’s a lot of fun! Passengers get to see the world from a different perspective and it makes for a memorable wedding day,’’ Paul said.

Not only can Paul drop you at your wedding venue in style, but he can also quickly whisk you away to various locations for photos. Imagine capturing those special moments with your new spouse in places very few people can access.

For more info, phone Paul on 027-440-0860 or email