Return flights for free with Jetstar sale

Fancy a trip overseas or across the country for cheap fares? Well, you might be in luck.

Jetstar has announced a special sale allowing customers flying to selected locations to return for free, with tickets lasting until midnight tomorrow.

Running from 12.01am today until 11.59pm tomorrow, the sale means customers won't need to pay for return flight fares unless they're already sold out.

Potential flight passengers are told to book a one-way starter fare and they'll be given a return starter fare for free on the selected flights.

There are four international and nine domestic destinations included in the sale across a range of different travel times, catering for different travel options.

Selection of return for free flights by Jetstar:

• Christchurch to Sydney from $183^ (Return for free)
• Auckland to Rarotonga from $209^ (Return for free)
• Auckland to Dunedin from $85^ (Return for free)
• Wellington to Queenstown from $73^ (Return for free)
• Auckland to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $205^ (Return for free)
• Auckland to Sydney from $194^ (Return for free)
• Christchurch to Gold Coast from $194^ (Return for free)
• Queenstown to Melbourne from $255^ (Return for free)


I wanted a free return ticket from Dunedin to Wellington direct. I went to book the flight and got told it wasn't available because the route's been cancelled. Good on Jetstar for trying to make us all forget that they only just cancelled a route. Buying us off won't work in Dunedin; as Cadbury is finding out.